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Conceived by Federico Mosè Benigni, Archi di Roma consists of the most talented promises of Roman musical panorama.

Founders of the group are Federico Mosè Benigni. Co-founders are Ferruccio Vignanelli, Alessandro Maria Muller, Nicola Bossone and Alfonso Bossone.


Archi di Roma is an orchestra without a conductor: the relationship, without hierarchies between the musicians of the orchestra allows the creation of a deep harmony in their music production.

The group aims to restore the glories of the Baroque period that made Rome the most important capital of the music of the time, along with Venice. Fundamental for this purpose, the search for a technical and stylistic perfection pursued in the characteristic vitality and energy of youth.

Objective of ensemble Archi di Roma is not only stimulate an awakening social and cultural, but also ensure professional development of the young members that belong to it: the orchestra, not just a youth training, acts as a bridge between the academic and the professional music.


The orchestra members are all young students of Italian conservatories, already active in several musical institutions such as FAO Symphony Orchestra in the role of principal instruments, the World Youth Orchestra, JuniOrchestra Advanced Academy of Santa Cecilia, the Orchestra of Conservatory of Santa Cecilia, the Hortus Conclusus of Music Conservatory of Benevento, and attended courses, individually and collectively, with leading soloists and conductors such as Giuseppe Crosta, Enrico Gatti, Damiano Giuranna, Isaac Kabaretchevsky, Francesco Manara, Riccardo Minasi, Pedro Oltra, Stefano Pagliani, Pasquale Pellegrino, Massimo Pradella, David Romano, Marco Serino, Valeriano Taddeo, some of whom have done their utmost to educational level to develop the orchestra bringing the current technical level.

Federico Benigni Ferruccio Vignanelli
Nicola Bossone Alfonso Bossone
Alessandro Muller David Romano

Violins: Federico Mosè Benigni, Nicola Bossone, Gennaro Cardaropoli, Maria Teresa De Sanio, Marco Lorenzo Nocera, Ferruccio Vignanelli

Violas: Alfonso Bossone, Matteo Mizera

Cellos: Alessandro Maria Muller, Laura Pascali

Doublebass: Francesco D'Innocenzo

Harpsichord: Luca Oddo

Coaching: David Romano