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L'Astro Armonico - for a Baroque Christmas


April - June: S'Barocco


Music is a language of brotherhood and the orchestra is the embryo of society, because everyone must listen to the voices of others.

Uto Ughi

I heard twelve boys:
bravi, bravissimi, a perfect chamber orchestra. Twelve young men of eighteen or twenty years.
I applauded them, I thanked them:
No, the music never dies!

Arturo Toscanini


The project S'Barocco – Part I is an initiative aimed at the diffusion and discovery of music as an educational tool for individual and social maturation, showingthus that you can create harmony between different disciplines and more people.
A country which has a cultural decadence, also inevitably is morally decaying. In this context, the project offers to safeguard the rich cultural heritage of Italian music.
The repertoire will be executed by the Orchestra String of Rome, made up of young musicians in the Roman music scene, who will be performing along with Italian soloists of international reputation, showing that baroque music is still there and alive in the world of youth.

The orchestra, founded by imitating the historic ensemble I Musici (also Roman) which is celebrating its 60 years of activity, wants to revive an art project for many years missing in our nation. Young boys, between the ages of sixteen and twenty, lovers of the music of the city that was the capital (together with Venice) of Italian Baroque music, whose intent is to raise the awareness of our cultural heritage, stimulating a revival of such heritage, envied anywhere in the world, and too often set aside in our homeland. As a sign of continuity, the Marco Serino, one of the members of I Musici, has been called to participate in the concert, and he enthusiastically and joyfully accepted the proposal.

This ambitious project finds in Rome his springboard: promote the territory and encourage the rediscovery of Roma galante in the seventeenth century. The concerts will be held in the Roman Baroque churches: San Lorenzo in Lucina and San Giovanni dei Fiorentini. Are all these the best examples of how the art channeled into rigid patterns may express in one of its highest forms in terms of refinement and elegance.

Rome features the presence of young musicians pointing to excellence and able to restore the glories of the Baroque period that made Rome the capital of music.


Artists e Concerts

Valeriano Taddeo, The Voice of Cello

Carlo Maria Parazzoli, The Music of the Nature

Marco Serino, Concerti Ritrovati