Thanks very much for sharing this. Wonderful performance. Complimenti, bravissimo!!

Nurham Arman

(about our recording of Britten's Simple Symphony op. 4 on our YouTube channel)

Bravissimi! Division of the arc, clear dynamics, internal parts that emerge, excellent intonation, premeditated and tasteful portamenti. Beautiful the hesitation on the levare at the major. And then you are the proof that the director is not always necessary, as many people think (of themselves, of course).

Gian Luigi Zampieri

(about our performance of Britten's Simple Symphony op. 4 played on february 24, 2013 at Policlinico Gemelli)

Today there was something very special: a few young people came together to make reality a dream. It's a kind of miracle! We have to be happy about something like this; it is a testimony that something is always moving, something special and very valuable.

Valeriano Taddeo

Going against the deliberate decimation of concertistic initiatives, has born in Rome a new initiative which aims to train a young orchestra ... composed of elements between sixteen and twenty years, among the best to be found on the piazza of the Capital.

Il Tempo

The project of these guys, a rising star who sees me involved today, is a pearl, because today there is a tendency to cut or simply to wipe out realities that should be encouraged.

David Romano

In the group is evident the search for a technical and stylistic perfection, covered however of a message that conveys the beauty of art, the desire for a moral, social and cultural awakening.

Archi di Roma orchestra, consisting of young promises of Roman musical landscape,... stimulates not only a cultural and social awakening through the suggestions of the music, but provides a professional implementation of the members who are part of, representing a bridge between the academic studies and the professional career.